The Cape Ann region is experiencing stronger storms, summer droughts, and rising sea levels. These are the impacts of climate change. Climate change is here. It is happening.

It is likely that the earth will warm past 1.5 degree Celsius, the identified threshold that would reduce the likelihood of the worst effects of climate change. New England and the Gulf of Maine are warming faster than any other areas on the planet and that means Cape Ann is warming fast.

What can we do? There are many actions that citizens of Cape Ann can take right now. This includes taking individual actions, supporting climate policies, and learning about how our climate is changing and what’s ahead so we can plan and be ready.

TownGreen, Inc’s mission is to act as a catalyst in assisting the greater Cape Ann region in becoming a vibrant and inclusive model of sustainability that is fossil fuel free and prepared for the impacts of climate change.

TownGreen is ready to serve Cape Ann by providing climate education to the public, businesses, and municipalities in formats that meet all of our needs. TownGreen is ready to work on meaningful climate policy in Massachusetts. And Towngreen is ready to bring fossil fuel free affordable options to Cape Ann to reduce our region’s reliance on oil and natural gas and move toward electrifcation. We can do this. We can create a carbon-neutral Cape Ann. We can successfully adapt and work together to preserve this beautiful place we call home.