Go 100% Renewable

Make the Switch to 100% renewable power today!

Make the Switch to 100% renewable power today!

The City of Gloucester launched the Gloucester Community Electricity Aggregation program in December of 2018 to bring the benefits of renewable energy and electricity choice to its residents and businesses. The program offers residents and small businesses  a cost-effective, stable and responsible alternative to utility electricity rates for participating consumers. While the program provides a level of renewable power 5% above what is required, it also allows residences and businesses to opt-up to 100% renewable energy!

The Gloucester Community Electricity Aggregation Program offers residents and businesses two electricity options, Local Green and 100% Premium Local Green. Both options are usually less expensive than National Grid Basic Service Rates, though National Grid rates change every six months. Residents and small businesses are automatically enrolled in the Local Green option and can opt-out of the program or upgrade to 100% Premium Local Green at anytime.

Monthly Energy Cost Calculations
Monthly KWh 0
Gloucester Local Green $0
Gloucester Premium Local Green $0
Additional Cost $0

Going 100% Calculator

Select your average monthly KWh usage to see how much 100% local green power will cost. You’ll find your monthly KWh on your utility bill.

Comparison of Current Rates

Rate ClassNational Grid Basic ServiceGloucester Local GreenGloucester Premium Local GreenGloucester Basic
Residential13.957 cents/kWh11.085 cents/kWh13.080 cents/kWh10.098 cents/kWh
Small Commercial12.12011.08513.08012.160
Industrial11.26911.08513.08011.269 NEMA*
DurationThrough 2021Through 2021Through 2021Through Oct 2021

Switch to 100% Premium Local Green Today!

Through 100% Premium Local Green, Gloucester residents or businesses receive 100% renewable energy. To switch options, call Good Energy at (866) 456-8232 or visit https://gloucester-cea.com/opt-up-to-100/. Have your National Grid account number ready to enroll.

For more additional information about the Gloucester Community Electricity Aggregation, visit: https://gloucester-cea.com

Not from Gloucester but want to go 100%?

There's a great option for you as well! Green Energy Consumers Alliance has a great program that supports the creation of Class 1 RECs and offers both 100% and 25% renewable options. It's called Green Powered, there are no sign-up fees and for 100% renewable power, it's a 3.8 cents/kWh premium added to the rate charged by National Grid. Incidentally, this is just one of several great programs offered by Green Energy Consumers Alliance, visit this page for their full offering.

Green Powered Pricing

100% Renewable Option25% Renewable Option
Mix100% wind power from New England wind turbines (Class 1)25% New England wind and solar, hydro and anaerobic digestion (Class 1)
Rate3.8 cents/kWh in addition to your normal electric bill2.2 cents/kWh in addition to your normal electric bill
Tax benefitYour payments are 100% federally tax-deductible.Your payments are 100% federally tax-deductible.
ExampleYou use 250 kWh this month. You will pay $9.50 (250 x $.038) in addition to the existing charges on your electric bill.You use 250 kWh this month. You will pay $5.50 (600 x $.022) in addition to the existing charges on your electric bill.

Green Powered adds a small premium to your electric bill. For most households, it only adds $10-20 per month. Your total annual payments are 100% federally tax-deductible. Your rate per kilowatt-hour is determined by the renewable energy option you choose. You can select from two renewable energy options, which differ in price and content.

Watch Larry Chretien’s TownGreen2025 webinar

On Thursday, May 28 at 3PM, Larry Chretien, Executive Director of the Green Energy Consumers Alliance, joined us to discuss how his organization covers both policy advocacy at the state house and launches green energy programs aimed at the community and individual level. Mr. Chretien addressed his lobbying work, diversity, equity and inclusion in climate work, the Drive Green program, and his work on municipal aggregation.

TownGreen2025 Climate Crisis Solutions, Larry Chretien

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