11.30.2022 Webinar

TownGreen GHBE Adaptation Webinar


TownGreen hosted its second workshop/webinar in the series focusing on the Good Harbor Beach ecosystem: Protecting and Preserving the Good Harbor Beach Ecosystem for Current and Future Generations, on Wednesday, November 30th from 6:30-8:30pm on Zoom. The webinar, “Adaptation: Is it Possible?” addressed climate adaptation approaches and solutions. Participants heard from experts about the difference between hard infrastructure solutions and nature-based solutions, and discussed solutions that might work for Good Harbor.

Denton Crews of Friends of Good Harbor was joined by Barbara Warren, executive director of Salem Sound Coastwatch, to report on Good Harbor marsh adaptations and present coastal adaptation case studies. Harvard Graduate School of Design Professor and Director of the Office for Urbanization, Charles Waldheim, outlined both gray and green infrastructure adaptation solutions presented in the HGSD research study: The Case of Cape Ann: Adaptation Strategy and Precedents. Jayne Knott reviewed infrastructure issues in the built environment, specifically Thatcher Road. This was followed by Q&A with the speakers.

Participants learned about

  • Adaptation solutions for the Good Harbor Beach ecosystem
  • The difference between gray/hard infrastructure and nature-based solutions
  • Case studies highlighting other coastal areas that have implemented adaptation solutions

Webinar Presentation File

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